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Catia V5r22 X64 Portable Cerebree 5.0.22-r5.1.x - canidate 2 ext-release-non-free ext-release-non-free r5.1.2-r2-non-free+lucid+ext-release-non-free x11 desktop xfce4 xorg-server xterm gnome gnome-desktop-environment libgl1-mesa-glx libglapi-mesa mesa-common-dev mesa-drivers xserver-common tcl tcl8.4 tk tcllib tk8.4 zlib1g tk-default A: The manual installation is not even available on the servers and I was only able to find some packages compiled with a static build. I installed the R-devel from the torrent, compiled R CMD INSTALL R-2.15.3-3.tar.gz and then installed R with R CMD INSTALL R-2.15.3-3.tar.gz. The manual installation is now available at This invention is directed to an infrared detector. More particularly, the present invention is directed to a pyroelectric detector used in the measurement of temperatures. Still more particularly, the invention is directed to a pyroelectric detector which is suitable for use in aircraft, sea craft and land craft and in other types of mobile and stationary platforms. Infrared detectors have been used for years in the scientific, medical and industrial fields. Infrared detectors operate on the principle that an object which absorbs infrared radiation from a particular wavelength, e.g., infrared radiation having a wavelength of 1.8 microns, when subjected to the infrared radiation, heats up. A pyroelectric detector utilizes the property of a pyroelectric material to change electrical polarization in response to changes in temperature. In a pyroelectric material, the polarization of charges increases with an increase in temperature and decreases with a decrease in temperature. Thus, when an infrared detector is subjected to infrared radiation, the infrared detector heats up and the polarization of charges thereon also increases. A change in polarization of a pyroelectric material is, of course

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